About Me

Riccardo Boero holds a PhD in Sociology (University of Surrey, UK) and a PhD in Economics (University of Pavia, Italy). He works at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

He has collaborated with several academic departments (Department of Social, Economic, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences - University of Torino, Department of Economics and Management - University of Brescia), research centers (IRES Piemonte - Italy, ISMB - Italy) and local governments (Regione Piemonte, Italy).

He serves in the editorial board of the Journal on Policy & Complex Systems - JPCS - and of the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation - JASSS. He is a founding member of the Research Group on Experimental and Computational Sociology (GECS - University of Brescia) and of the Brain Imaging Group (BIG Torino).

He can be reached at ricc...@lanl.gov.

The following is a selection of his publications (see citations).

Articles in Journals


Chapters in Books

Book Reviews

  • R. Boero,
    Review of Two Books on Neuroeconomics” (P. Politser 'Neuroeconomics: a Guide to the New Science of Making Choices' & D. Ross, C. Sharp, R. E. Vuchinich, and D. Spurret 'Midbrain Mutiny: the Picoeconomics and Neuroeconomics of Disordered Gambling'), Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, vol. 12, no. 1, 2009
  • R. Boero,
    The Spatial Dimension and Social Simulations: A Review of Three Books” (R. H. Gimblett 'Integrating Geographic Information Systems and Agent-based Modeling Techniques for Simulating Social and Ecological Processes'; D. Maguire, M. Batty, and M. Goodchild, eds. 'GIS, Spatial Analysis and Modeling' & M. Batty 'Cities and Complexity: Understanding Cities with Cellular Automata, Agent-Based Models, and Fractals'), Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, vol. 9, no. 4, 2006

Conference Proceedings

  • R. Boero,
    “Short and Medium Term Evolution of a Regional Economy after the Crisis: Forecasting the Near Future of Piedmont with an Agent-based Input Output Model”, in G. Russo and P. Terna (eds.), Innovare in Piemonte, Edizioni Otto, Torino, 2012
  • R. Boero, E. Ferro, M. Osella, Y. Charalabidis, E. Loukis,
    “Policy intelligence in the era of social computing: towards a cross-policy decision support system”, Extended Semantic Web Conference, Springer, pp. 217-228, 2011
  • E. Ferro, M. Osella, Y. Charalabidis, E. Loukis, R. Boero,
    “Policy gadgets: Paving the way for next-generation policy making”, Proceeding of IFIP Third International Conference on e-Participation-ePart, The Netherlands, 2011
  • R. Boero,
    “Un modello dell’economia piemontese come sistema complesso: interdipendenze economiche e territoriali tra centro e periferia.”, in G. Russo e P. Terna (eds.) Produrre a Torino: atti della conferenza Rota 2005, Edizioni Otto, Torino, 2006
  • R. Boero, M. Castellani, and F. Squazzoni,
    “Labour Market, Entrepreneurship and Human Capital in Industrial Districts. An Agent-Based Prototype”, in Leombruni R., Richiardi M. (eds), Industry and Labor Dynamics. The Agent-Based Computational Economics Approach, World Scientific, Singapore, 2004
  • R. Boero, M. Castellani, and F. Squazzoni,
    “Cognitive Identity and Social Reflexivity of the Industrial District Firms. Going Beyond the ‘Complexity Effect’ through an Agent-Based Computational Prototype”, in Lindemann G., Moldt D., Paolucci M., Yu B. (eds), Regulated Agent-Based Social Systems: Theories and Applications, LNAI/LNCS Series, Springer Verlag, 2004

Reports & Working Papers